TU Chemnitz - Straße der Nationen 62, 09111 Chemnitz, Germany - Rated 4.7 based on 85 Reviews "Hi Team TU Chemnitz. used by several people. What is the procedure for cancelling trips and events as part of project funding by the DAAD? Name and event number of the course or exam. There will be a daily tour between 8:30 and 10:45 a.m. to the usual stations, the previous second tour is cancelled. In addition to such self-tests, performance checks and even exams can be implemented. In the case that teaching or examination formats deviate from the module description, students will be granted nonrecognition of an exam taken in the 2020 summer semester if the application for nonrecognition (without stating reasons) is submitted before re-enrolment for this exam, at the latest on 31 March 2021 in the ZPA”. Is it currently possible to hold appointment lectures in person? If necessary, the core team can, for example, maintain technical equipment in the experimental fields, maintain building management on the campus grounds and deal with financial and personnel matters that cannot be postponed and require presence on site. Reasons do not have to be given. Lecturers at TU Chemnitz can generally be contacted via e-mail. During the vacation period of schools or the regular closing time of kindergartens or day-care centers, special leave/exemption from work for this purpose shall not be granted. The employer then has a claim for reimbursement against the authority in accordance with § 56 (5) IfSG. Consequently, all employees are instructed, as before, to make use of mobile work as far as possible and to be present at Chemnitz University of Technology (within the framework of the existing quota regulation) exclusively for urgent work that can only be carried out on site. This means that mobile work is to be used exclusively on this day. Should I inform the university if I recently was in a risk area abroad or had contact with infected persons? How can I reach the contact persons and offices of the Central University Administration, especially the Chancellor and the departments or the respective offices? Register a conference via the URZ website: Sometimes students can clarify questions among themselves without the need for lecturers to become active. If required and on request, employees receive a confirmation of the duration and performance of their mobile work from TU Chemnitz for the preparation of their tax return for the year 2020. Unfortunately, this means that all courses for students in the first semester that do not fall into this category can no longer be held in (partial) attendance and only courses that cannot be held digitally (e.g., due to required laboratory or technical equipment) may be held in (partial) attendance. Das betrifft Rathaus, Technisches Rathaus, Bürgerhaus am Wall, Moritzhof und die Bürgerservicestellen. External committee members who do not have an account can apply for an account before the first meeting using the form. TU Chemnitz 25.01.2021 25 Jan Transdisziplinärer Dialog Mensch-Technik und KI Der Umgang mit den gesellschaftlichen Herausforderungen im Bereich … TU Chemnitz 16.03.2021 16 Mär 3. –The 10 most important hygiene tips (PDF info sheet from Infektionsschutz.de), Preventing infections: The Top Ten tips for hygiene (png by infektionsschutz.de), How can I prevent infections? Tom Mannewitz Politikwissenschaftler an der TU Chemnitz The blog entries are constantly updated. In this case, employees do not have to apply for vacation, overtime compensation or unpaid leave. For OPAL, BPS presents an introductory e-learning starting guide as well as a guide with step-by-step instructions for different teaching and learning scenarios in the user manual, however, please not that some of the following resources may be available only in German: The e-learning starting guide refers, among other things, to the OPAL course “E-Learning: Einführung und Gestaltung”. The absolutely necessary minimum operation is to be implemented and ensured independently by the deans, heads, and department heads in the respective areas (faculties, central institutions, departments, etc.). The relevant qualification certificate must briefly describe the restrictions caused by the pandemic and the intended achievement of the qualification goal during the period of continued employment applied for. In case of doubt, the Studentenwerk Chemnitz-Zwickau requires information on the period of closure and which academic achievements could not be completed as a result. One particularly nice feature is that you can change the position of your video image on each slide, allowing you to position your image according to the content of the slide. It is also not possible to conduct surveys, studies with participants, etc. In addition, a personal inspection of files could also be considered in individual cases, if inspection cannot be carried out in any other way and a sufficiently large room is available to ensure greater distances between those present, and if the hygiene concept of Chemnitz University of Technology with regard to the corona virus (SARS-CoV-2) is observed. Im letzten Winter wurde die Mensa der TU Chemnitz modernisiert und am 1. Further extensions will be granted should the need arise. 2 BAföG must be made. Offizielle Facebook-Seite der Technischen Universität Chemnitz. The request for nonrecognition should be filed using the form provided by the ZPA. Is the continuation of my contract as a student/scientific assistant at risk due to the current operation? On 9 June 2020, the Senate unanimously passed a resolution for the exams of the current semester: “Examiners may deviate from the form of examination specified in the module description. This means for students: You can refuse recognition of an exam even after you have received the grade. Learning Crystallographic Texture Analysis with MTEX The workshop extends over two weeks and is part of the Master Course Introduction into the crystallographic texture analysis and counts for 4 ETCS points. Should it verifiably not be possible to conduct certain exams digitally, the Crisis Management Team or University Management can approve exceptions – analogous to the procedure for courses that cannot be conducted digitally (e.g. Yes, introductory lectures (including the interview with the appointment committee) during the meetings of appointment committees may be held in (partial) attendance, provided that the existing hygiene and safety regulations can be fully observed. All members of Chemnitz University of Technology are obliged to contact the Office for Occupational Safety and Environmental Protection (BfAU), if affected. by using the web conference system "BigBlueButton"). web pages of the Central University Administration. For didactical, conceptual, or technical questions and for support in the use of OPAL please use the central contact e-mail: e-learning@... or the e-learning hotline: +49 371 531 13444 (Mon. 1 WissZeitVG in the period from October 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021, the maximum duration for a fixed-term employment is extended by, and supplemented by the WissZeitVG fixed-term extension regulation - WissBdVV of September 23, 2020, (reasoning employment contract in the period from October 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021) or an extension of up to twelve months (continuation employment contract in the period from March 1 to September 30, 2020), urgent and absolutely necessary and cannot be, (e.g. Keine Freiversuche an der TU Chemnitz - dennoch Erleichterung für die Studierenden im Corona-Semester. For fixed-term employment contracts which are based on § 2 para. How can I conduct my consultation hours online? How do I start? When Chemnitz University of Technology enters into selective and limited presence operation on June 1, 2020, access to the buildings is only permitted to expressly authorised persons (employees according to the quota principle, students of approved classroom courses and exams). On December 2, 2020, new general rules came into force: These general rules are valid until December 28, 2020 and can be adapted in advance if necessary. Ausnahmen gelten - wie bereits im vergangenen Semester - für Labortätigkeiten, Praktika, (sport-)praktische und künstlerische Ausbildungsabschnitte und Prüfungen. What are the regulations when deadlines for a repeat exam expire in the 2020 summer semester? For questions regarding the creation of secret votes, the URZ now offers telephone support. Then the participants dial into the conference. Can I use the University Library without restriction? Is it possible to submit timesheets and activity reports electronically, e.g. This means that no special regulations have been introduced for the period of selectice and limited presence operation and that the decision remains the sole responsibility of the respective line managers. Currently, eight employees of Chemnitz University of Technology have been tested positive for the corona virus. 2 BAföG, the submission date for certificates of achievement may also be postponed accordingly. Violations of these regulations are regarded as administrative offences and will be punished with fines. all those who must have de jure access to the session, also have de facto access to the session, and all those who must not have de jure access to the session, also have de facto no access to the session. Where can I find further information about coronavirus? – Washing your hands properly protects! hygiene concept of Chemnitz University of Technology. In purely formal terms, it is not a sick leave. continue to apply and must be complied with. Employees who are authorised to drive a company car are required to use a company car for business trips, subject to availability. An informal application to the ZPA is sufficient. The test ambulance is located at Hermann-Pöge-Strasse 6, 09120 Chemnitz, in a former DIY market. Note: For the purpose of updating their TUC-Card at the terminals, students get access to the foyer of the B-Building, Reichenhainer Straße 70 (“Turmbau”) since May 15, 2020, Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. They are in officially ordered quarantine. It regulates access to buildings during the lecture period, gives instructions on correct behaviour, and refers to the form for the collection of contact data of students participating in on-site courses. members of the appointment committee, applicants) on site must be observed. The issuance of a separate certificate by, For employment contracts based on § 2 para. They are required to strictly follow the hygiene measures currently in place. 322 people are currently treated in hospitals, 48 of them in the intensive care unit. The chairperson of the committee must be indicated as the supervisor. The easiest way to conduct your consultation hours without direct contact is by telephone. hygiene concept for written exams (version 1.3, September 17, 2020). Dabei handelt es sich in einschlägigen Fällen um eine Mitteilung an die Stadt Chemnitz zur Einleitung eines Bußgeldverfahrens nach § 8 Abs. Group discussions in practical courses, exercises and seminars are not always useful via telephone conference (see consultation hours), but require a visual channel. With this kind of inspection the interests of data protection and data security must be taken into account. In doing so, either the respective public could be established with technical support or, according to § 56 para. all employees of Chemnitz University of Technology are required to make use of mobile work as far as possible. or are on sick leave, they must be reachable via telephone and/or e-mail. With a lead time of two to three days, the testing can be carried out at the company medical service (with simultaneous cost coverage by the university). via BigBlueButton. Note for the teaching profession: Up-to-date information can be found on the website of the ZLB. The applicant must submit a declaration that he/she has actually performed/completed the relevant examination. A medical certificate serves as proof of this. (Of course you can also enter a higher or lower value here. There will be no parcel/mail reception on 23 December 2020 or during closures. all legal requirements (proper convening of the meeting, quorum, majority requirements for resolutions, need for secret voting, rules on public or non-public voting, etc.) Virtuellen TUCtagen ein – Studieninteressierte erwarten Live-Chats, Online-Sprechstunden, Info-Videos, virtuelle Touren und vieles mehr – Besonderer Event-Tag am 14. For example, if regular operation had resumed on 4 May: This is to ensure that students are not put at a disadvantage because the library, computer pools and laboratories are closed, and communication with supervisors is restricted. Can PC-Pools be used without restrictions? 2 WissZeitVG!). Building access for the period of the turn of the year 2020/2021: In addition, in order to enable a targeted control of the corresponding areas by the security guards during the period of closure, the Technical Building Management Unit of the, Department is also to be informed about ongoing long-term experiments. Digital media (videoconferencing) should also be used in the conduct of job interviews in order to protect the health of all those involved. I am planning activities with international partners for which I receive DAAD funding. How do I deal with my planned/current semester abroad? 2 Sentence 2 SächsUrlMuEltVO or exemption in accordance with § 29 Para. In addition, forms with the contact details of those present must be kept by the sections in order to be able to trace contact chains if necessary. 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.). “How can I carry out exams under the given conditions?”. Unfortunately, this means that all courses for students in the first semester that do not fall into this category can no longer be held in (partial) attendance and only courses that cannot be held digitally (e.g., due to required laboratory or technical equipment) may be held in (partial) attendance. Can I claim emergency care for my child(ren) in a day care centre or school? FU Berlin: Webinar Teaching with Adobe Connect. As of November 9, 2020, all on-site courses that were initially approved by the crisis management team were converted to a digital format until further notice, as far as this was possible. 1 sentence 1 letter e double letter bb TV-L or comparable tariff regulations (so-called "child sick days") remains unaffected. The FAQ will be continuously updated. The figure above shows a screenshot of OBS. before starting a journey, even if it is only planned for the near future. ", the RKI has also published an orientation guide for the public with advice on the correct behaviour when COVID-19-typical disease symptoms occur. be required on site in the faculties, central institutions, or the central university administration in order to implement the hygiene concept for on-site courses, etc., please contact kontakt-corona@... (please state delivery address and cost centre). On the other hand, it should be noted that the URZ at Chemnitz University of Technology has developed a voting tool for elections within the framework of digital sessions, which guarantees the secrecy of the vote. For measures that you plan to take in the course of this year, it is recommended that you book flights and accommodation that can be cancelled. Do I have to wear a mouth-nose cover (mouth-nose mask) on campus? A smartphone might also work, but the screen may be too small for some presentations. Will this regulation be maintained in view of the situation? Which principles apply to home office activities during selective and limited presence operation of Chemnitz University of Technology? Who is a member of the university crisis management team? Until 31.05.2020, you can use public transportation until 31.05.2020 with your imprint of the winter semester 2019/20 (WS19/20 V STIK or WS19/20 STURA) and a current certificate of enrollment from the summer semester 2020! Further information can be found on the TU4U website.