It’s also impressively timeless, durable and even reasonably versatile. Could be better for a sports tourer, it needs a charging point and the pannier situation could be made easier but on the whole not a bad bike once you spend a bit if you tour a lot. These came directly from China and fitted perfectly. Brakes are strong but need a good grab - not the sharpest first bite when you initially brake. Good overall quality and reliability. Brilliant! There are ways around it, EG lower the exhausts, buy after market ones ETC, but on a sports tourer, why should you have to mess about so you can fit panniers? Buying experience: bought new from Preston Superbikes unfair to say what discount I got ...but they will deal. Report. It’s mind-warpingly fast, comfortable, classy and well-appointed (if lacking the electronic rider aids of the succeeding version). We have Kawasaki ZZR1400 bikes from private sellers, franchised Kawasaki ZZR1400 Dealers and independent Kawasaki ZZR1400 Specialists. You need to be careful and have a good look underneath the fairing, too. It's a mega sport bike, not really a tourer. $817.00. KAWASAKI ZZR1400 ZZR 1400 2006-2011 FUEL PETROL HOSE PIPE. Avon storms also last well and a cost a lot less. It still had its outstanding warranty and have had no issues since owned. Being a bit of a gadget fiend I would like to have cruise control and a speed limiter fitted as standard. The guys in the butchers thought it looked great too. The Kawasaki ZZR 1400 model is a Sport bike manufactured by Kawasaki . What price happiness and excitement! I am used to old school HRC paint so perhaps the ZZR does have a hard act to follow. Hunting around eBay I found some risers that added 2" to the bar height for £24. Speziell für den europäischen Markt entwickelt, wird die Ausstattungsvariante ZZR1400 Performance Sport mit einem Öhlins TTX Federbein, Akrapovic Titan Endschalldämpfern und einer Spoiler-Scheibe optimiert. 1,352 cc. The engine is awesome, the power, the noise.... oh my.. Get it spinning above 4000 and you'd better be holding on tight. £5,799. Electronics are getting a bit outdated compared to the next generation of bikes. LMAO! They can look all nice and shiny, but be a bit of a horror story underneath.". Smooth power, brilliant handling and the 2019 bikes are the best looking PS's ever - good investments too now they've stopped making them! My wife and I have been on numerous trips and your only requirement to stop is toilet or fuel breaks. From a technician’s point of view they’re a nightmare to work on, especially for something like valve clearances, because the frame goes right over the top. It's really stable. Outstanding handling, dexterity, stable response. 1,001 miles. Where that analogy falls down is the rip-snorting speed at which it covers the ground. With DW40 or the aerospace equivalent. The Fireblade had a slipper clutch on that it affected the operation of the clutch such that made it feel like a frayed cable that was about to snap. I have only test ridden a 2012 ZZR but I can safely say it handles like a sports 600 with almost unlimited power delivered in amazing smooth fashion. If new models are going to be made hopefully they will all be added. all that you need in performance edition spec For order status email: 11. Owners forum good for help, It’s ok , could have done with a modern digital screen, in colour., Bought heated grips, Scottoiler, Kawasaki centre stand and a different screen. The slipper clutch is really good. Responsive, smooth. My MY14 Gen 2 doesn't seem to do it so maybe Kawasaki have sorted that on the newer ones. That’s it. People also generally fit touring screens, heated grips, sometimes luggage. Times running out to buy a new one. My only Gripe is that the bike doesn’t have a digital speedo, I fitted an aftermarket GPS unit, which great for keeping a check in 30-40 limits, + at higher speeds. Brakes are awesome. 2017. Kawasaki ZZR 1400 Performance Edition **last new & unregistered bike** £14,299.00. Front wheel bearings failed at @ 8000 miles in Germany next set didn't last much longer. "The engines are really strong, though. Servicing is good value. Absolute beast of a bike. This bike is built for travelling distance, fast and in comfort. 26K miles. It received cosmetic updates, incremental chassis upgrades, and suspension revised internals. It is normal so if yours does it, don't panic. "The front brakes take an absolute hammering, going through pads - sometimes discs - with the calipers requiring overhauls as well. Buying experience: Bought from Seastar Superbikes - got a decent deal, and they fitted a Kreiga seat pack for me for free for me before I rode away, also offered a deal on new tyres - can't complain. Collection in person. My model has the Ohlins rear shock which is quite simply in another league compared to standard shocks. For me they do just fine, grip well in the wet and dry, 6000-7000 for a rear, They are dual compound and never had an issue with them unlike some other riders who have. Good Brembo brakes, Ohlins suspension and a cracking engine make this bike fun to ride. There don't seem to be any prevailing problems, though. 2000-2006 Serie 178 PS, 134 NM 7,2s 2012er Kawasaki ZZR 1400 Test Motorrad 17/2012 6,9s 2010er BMW S 1000 RR ( MOTORRAD 03/10 ) Stiffer springs have been fitted front and rear to give a sportier ride without compromising comfort. No engine does what this one does. I get mid-50s mpg too, which is unbelievably good considering the capabilities of its engine. The handling was a revelation, I wasn't expecting something akin to my Aprilia. Gerade jene Töfffahrer, die mit Sporttourern sozialisiert wurden, kann dies alles egal sein. Kawasaki ZZR1400HJF, D.O.R 11/11/2017 67-Plate, 3024 Miles, 1 Owner, Owners Manual and Service Book Present, Two Keys. Only four out of five because the suspension is a tad hard on the front for my liking but it still hustles along on the roads of Luxembourg and Germany, staying right on the tails of the sportsbike riders quite easily. Pistons have also been lightened and there’s new bypass holes to minimise pumping loss. My 2008 version of the bike had a much better quality fairing. If you're coming from a 1000cc sports bike you'll be amazed at how smooth the big Zed engine is. Because of the weight and performance, the front end seems to take a lot of abuse. MPG is ok on a run, but you soon run down into the mid thirties on a fast run. Many reviews call this bike a "continent shrinking missile" or similar. Kawasaki ZZR1400 1400cc. Standard bike does not come with much for touring so these need to be added. Road trip -absolutely, commute-hell yeah, track day-litre bikes look out ! Its a cost but the results are night and day. You don't have to ride it to its capacity to enjoy it, but it really does fly when you wind it up. Disappointed at the lack of a radiator guard as standard. It's not cheap to run, maintain or insure, but surely no one expects it to be. KH Motorcycles Sandiacre are pleased to offer this excellent condition Kawasaki ZZR 1400, presented in a beautiful green and black paint scheme with contrasted black saddle. This bike is second to none.This is my third zzr1400 since 2006. "Cosmetically, at first glance they do look good, but it’s only when you take the fairings off and get in behind them that you see how they can suffer. I doubt it. However, in contrast Kawasaki have continued to evolve and refine the ZZR with the current generation boasting everything from traction control to ABS and power modes, making it the ultimate of its breed. If you’re after a Japanese hyperbike of this era, the choice usually boils down to either this or Suzuki’s Hayabusa. Bauer Media Group consists of: Bauer Consumer Media Ltd, Company number: 01176085, Bauer Radio Ltd, Company Number: 1394141 It has a black GP style Micron M4 exhaust that sounds mean! Best feature is its beauty and power. No hard panniers available from the manufacturer. Yes, I do ride in the winter, no point in paying all that money for something and hiding it in a garage for nine months of the year. Report. Previous Next. For decades I could not understand why the manufacturers felt that those that wanted a bike that was both capable of some decent performance riding also had to look drab. I have already fitted some accessories and the bike feels more like my own already, rather than what left the factory. Putoline Tech Chain 500 ml. I like the facility that enables you to adjust the point at which you are made aware a pre-defined rev limit is being breached. Would I recommend it to a friend? Peg scraping, knee down angles of lean are easily achievable but at the same time it's stable at high speeds. "Often they can look nice and shiny but as soon as you start jacking them up and checking over the chassis, you can tell they’ve had a bit of a hard life and done a good few miles. For such a fast bike the ride quality of very good. Classified Ad. More comfortable than a sports bike though and feels more planted because they are longer and heavier. Could be better as others have said, should have power socket as standard. Collection in person. As a result, Kawasaki ZZR 1400 produced now more power in mid-range and at the bottom end which made the bike a little smoother and more user friendly and powerful below 6000 RPM. Buying experience: I bought in June 2014 it from my local Kawasaki dealer Alfs Motorcycle’s in Worthing, who I have been going to for years. Brembo M50 brake calipers works well, they offer sufficient stopping power. If it made esspresso it would be perfect. £12,199 . DIY maintenance for oil and filters is easy and can be done without removeing fairing so no reason not to do it yourself. Finance Available. See more similar ads. But, they have got a few issues that can cost quite a bit of money. Best feature is everything really. It loses oil pressure over night so it rattles for a few seconds. … Ride quality on the Performance Sport is excellent, easily adjustable to get the right settings solo, two up or two up with luggage. Good brakes as standard. It has a black GP style Micron M4 exhaust that sounds mean! The latest incarnation is a bid to capture the hyperbike performance crown having the Suzuki Hayabusa firmly in its sights. COLLECTEUR - KAWASAKI ZZR ZX-14 ABS 1400 (2006 - 2011) £161.49 + £108.79 . You may also like … Scroll to previous similar ad Scroll to next similar ad. Kawasaki ZZR 1400 Service Manual (709 pages) Brand: Kawasaki | Category: Motorcycle | Size: 17.48 MB Table of Contents. 7. Sanfte Wilde Fahrbericht Kawasaki ZZR 1400 (Stand:06/2006) Text: Ralf Kistner Fotos: Ralf Kistner, Gitte Schöllhorn Ich kann mich noch gut daran erinnern, als 1979 die eidgenössische Edelumbauschmiede EGLI die Turbo-EGLI-Kawa mit 180 PS auf die Beine stellte. The ZZR1400 or Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14 and ZX-14R (2006-2020), is a motorcycle in the Ninja sport bike series from the Japanese manufacturer Kawasaki that was their most powerful sport bike as of 2006. The ZZR1400 or Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14 and ZX-14R (2006-2020), is a motorcycle in the Ninja sport bike series from the Japanese manufacturer Kawasaki that was their most powerful sport bike as of 2006. The clutch went at 3k. Look for wear and tear on the brakes and so on. £4,995.00. 7500 mile service is £300 but that includes a spark plug change. Buy one while you can, in this nanny state we live in its a miracle its still legal to buy one. It produces more power and torque, and accelerates quicker than any other road bike but unfortunately is still restricted to an agreed 186mph limit, but will get there in breathtaking time, hitting the limiter with ease, still with plenty in reserve. DO NOT buy chinese ones! Kawasaki … If I was going to buy one of these from a dealer I would probably go for residual last years stock as you can get these fairly close to the second hand bike prices being offered by dealers. Der besser ausgestatteten Performance Sport-Edition (ab Modelljahr 2014) verpassen die Japaner nun ein Update. Gaps between panels are better than before. I love the traction control which includes anti wheelie and three power modes too. 26,000 miles. I have done 7500 miles since buying the bike in mid March, I also have a bandit 12 and have done a further 4.5k since May when I got that to save the kawa's mileage, some chance NOT. 2009 Kawasaki ZZR 1400 . 2014 Kawasaki zzr1400. Quality of the bike is on par with the Mt01, vast improvement for Kawasaki. this is the last of the zzr to be made and upgrading it to performance is a must. Power delivery is insane but you have rider modes if you need or want them to help cope with the power in changeable weather conditions. The KTRC works really well. New the Performance sport is £14,449, I paid £10,500 for a year old one with only 3,000 miles on it. Kawasaki ZZR 1400 PERFORMANCE - Akrapovic, Rohrlenker Inserat online seit 21.11.2020, 05:31 12.989 € Finanzierung berechnen EZ 04/2012, 16.105 km, 147 kW (200 PS), 1.441 cm³ Comfort. Nothing abnormal, even exposed after 4 days of thundershower. The combination of Ohlins suspension and Brembo brakes is so well balanced. Company Number: LP003328 Registered Office: Academic House, 24-28 Oval Road, London, NW1 7DT. 4 days ago. Second generation. Featured Products . Air filter does require tank cover to be removed but it easy to do so long as you read the service manual in order to identify how to remove the plastics. It also got 100% from my very expert pillion. Das war vor fast 40 Jahren mit der berühmt/berüchtigten 60 PS starken H1 500 Mach III schon so, die aktuelle Kawasaki ZZR1400 setzt dieses Image standesgemäß fort. Worse feature is that it cooks your legs in heavy or stationary traffic with the heat it produces, It’s used all year round, hour commute no problem. Be careful as some kits are sold for £100. I personally think that a bike like this should have at least one USB charge point, or maybe I'm being a bit optimistic.

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