[19] This meant that Marx had to build his arguments on historical narratives and empirical evidence rather than the arbitrary application of his ideas in his evaluation of capitalism. 13,520 cm., 40 S. Klammerheftung. Folgend eine Darstellung des Wilhelm Wolff gewidmeten 1. 1900. Contemporary half calf with gilt spine. 1st Edition. Contemporary ownership inscription of "J. Geneva: Verlag der Association, 1867, 1867. Marbled endpapers. Hallo, ich möchte ein paar meiner Bücher verkaufen und habe drei Bände von Karl Marx "das Kapital" als erstauflage von 1872 in teilleder gebunden. Weitere Informationen zu diesem Verkäufer The book's impact on economics, politics and current affairs has been formidable, and aspects of Marx's thinking have permeated areas of scientific research as disparate as robotics and evolutionary theory. Erstausgabe. Band." das kapital, Erstausgabe, Signiert. Arguing that capitalism would create an ever-increasing division in wealth and welfare, he predicted its abolition and replacement by a system with common ownership of the means of production. Kasprowicz.] Moreover, workers appear in Volume II essentially as buyers of consumer goods and therefore as sellers of the commodity labour power, rather than producers of value and surplus-value, although this latter quality established in Volume I remains the solid foundation on which the whole of the unfolding analysis is based. These were some of the earliest notices to be printed after Capital's publication and are all included in this volume, along with other highly valuable contributions from most of the major figures of 19th-century international communism. Rubel 633 (note). Herausgegeben von Karl-Maria Guth. They are generally better than the edges, yet still mildly bumped, with exposed board. Auflage.,. (1976), Von: Mit bestem Gruß, Jordan". Weitere Informationen zu diesem Verkäufer It was in fact the summation of his quarter of a century's economic studies, mostly in the Reading Room of the British Museum. He began publishing "Aydinlik" journal which was a publication organ of clandestine Turkish Communist Party (TKP) in June, 1921. 1-2 damaged at the lower gutter, with no effect on the text. Tjulpanow. Erster Band. (Budapest, Ungarn), Beschreibung: [E. L. Octavo. 2 missing altogether. Vol. 1 and 24.8 strengthened at gutter with paper strips, a few tiny chips to fore edges of gathering 3, a short tear at bottom edge of rear free endpaper, rear hinge cracked and held by two cords. Verlag: 3: without the final blank. Shoulders are splitting. The philosopher Karl Kautsky (1854–1938) published a partial edition of Marx's surplus-value critique and later published a full, three-volume edition as Theorien über den Mehrwert (Theories of Surplus Value, 1905–1910). Wo verkaufen? The exceedingly rare first volume was the only one to be completed by Marx in his lifetime, while the second and third volumes were completed posthumously by Engels from Marx's papers (1885 and 1894). First Russian edition; 8vo (23 x 16 cm); title, half-title, dedication leaf, 678pp. 'The history of the twentieth century if Marx's legacy. Kapitel und Beilagen. Not since Jesus Christ has an obscure pauper inspired such global devotion--or been so calamitously misinterpreted' (Francis Wheen, in his introduction to Karl Marx, 1999). Old Russian newspaper-clippings to endpapers. The appearance on the market of any first edition has therefore become a great rarity. vol. Das Kapital. Vor 150 Jahren erschien „Das Kapital“ – der Autor der Kapitalismus-Analyse ist seit damals selbst zur Ware geworden. Biblisch wegen seiner geschichtlichen Wirkung, unbiblisch, weil es im Gegensatz zur Bibel möglichst wenige Deutungen zulässt. First edition in Russian of all three volumes of Das Kapital, extremely rarely found complete. Original buff wrappers printed in black with publisher's device to front wrapper, wire-stitched. Octavo (204 x 122 mm), a complete run (72 monthly issues from 1866 to 1871). Textgrundlage sind die Ausgaben: Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels: Werke. 8vo. And it highlights some of the vulnerabilities of capitalism, including its unsettling disruption of states and political systems" (Jones). The critique of the political economy of capitalism proposes: After two decades of economic study and preparatory work (especially regarding the theory of surplus value), the first volume appeared in 1867 as The Production Process of Capital. 16. Wheen shows that, far from being a dry economic treatise, Das Kapital is like a vast Gothic novel whose heroes are enslaved by the monster they created: capitalism. Contemporary half calf with remains of gilt spine. XXVII, (1), 526 pp. Panoply Books Verlag: Verlag: Overall a very good set in contemporary bindings. Rubel 633 (note). First edition, advance review copy (stamped "Recensionsexemplar" on the front wrapper), with a printed slip issued by the publisher Otto Meissner, completed in manuscript two days after publication, inviting the editors of Die Grenzboten to publish a review. He is considered one of the most influential figures in human history, having influenced countless intellectuals, labor parties, artists and political parties after him, who took his ideas and modified or adapted them. Das Kapital (1867): Kritik der politischen Ökonomie. Only two copies recorded in libraries via OCLC: in the National Library of Poland (Biblioteka Narodowa) in Warsaw and at the International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam. The two met in 1844. Pages 81-96 display a persistent corner crease. Capital: A Critical Analysis of Capitalist Production (Das Kapital). Pp. Kapital'. In very good condition with ownership stamps, tape gutter repairs, rebacked. Herausgegeben vom Institut für Marxismus-Leninismus beim ZK der SED, 43 Bände, Band 16, Berlin: Dietz-Verlag, 1962. - A few edge tears to the title-page professionally repaired; old Polish library stamps (deaccessioned) on verso. Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels: Werke. Sie suchten nach: Titel: das kapital. Housed in a brown cloth flat-back box by the Chelsea Bindery. Auflage 1872, die Marx noch selbst besorgte. Vols. Textgrundlage sind die Ausgaben: Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels: Werke. Zustand: Fine. blaue OLeinwand., Zustand: Gut. The two met in 1844. Unfortunately Engels did not see the work completed; he died in 1895, the year before the final volume appeared in St Petersburg. AbeBooks shipping quotes are ESTIMATES only. Antiquariat an der Nikolaikirche Front cover has some paper missing along two 0.5" x 2.5" strips on lower half. It was the first foreign publication and the English edition appeared in 1887. Vol. 1st Edition. In contemporary half leather, blind and gilt lettering on spine and front panel. Altogether a tight, well-preserved specimen. In Ottoman script. 8vo. (Leipzig, Deutschland), Beschreibung: Berlin, Dietz Verlag, 1968. [nach diesem Titel suchen] Leipzig., 1968 Geneva: Verlag der Association, 1867 This is the only such copy we have been able to locate. Die Ka­pi­ta­lis­ten werden im… Reports surfaced of the poverty and ill-health of town-dwellers, overcrowding, child labour and oppressive factory conditions. DAS KAPITAL BAND 1 Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels 3 An und für sich handelt es sich nicht um den höheren oder niedrigeren Entwicklungsgrad der gesell-schaftlichen Antagonismen, welche aus den Naturgesetzen der kapitalistiscen Prokuktion entspringen. Volume I went to the press in October 1871, Marx returned his proof corrections smartly at the start of November, and the book was finally published on 27 March 1872. The first edition was 1,000 copies. Marbled textblock edges feature a lovely colored design. First Czech edition, translated from the fourth German edition by Theodor Smeral and Ludvik To ner. Verlag: [21][22][failed verification], although the existing scholarly consensus tends towards the opposite view that Marx believed that only relative immiseration would occur, that is, a fall in labor's share of output. Internally a good, clean, uncut copy, corners a little dog-eared, some chipped away, with minimal spotting and edge toning; a remarkable survival. On the news of Marx's death he gave a speech at the memorial meeting held in New York. The condition of these two volumes is comparable to the first volume, the boards somewhat soiled and rubbed, the third volume parts relined with the titles and final pages browned. Marx, Das Kapital 1. Hamburg, Otto Meissner, 1883-1885., 1885. Living in exile in England, where this work was largely written, Marx drew on a wide-ranging knowledge of its society to support his analysis and generate fresh insights. (1872), Beschreibung: St. Petersburg, N. P. Poliakov, 1872., 1872. German school library stamp and shelf number on title page. Engels, who was managing his father's textile factory in Manchester, UK, condemned an economic system based on private property, whose theory was 'political economy' or the 'science of enrichment'. Beiträge zum 100. Weitere Informationen zu diesem Verkäufer This bible of Marxist theory was to inspire anti-capitalist movements in Russia and China, and workers' revolutions across the globe. Meanwhile, censorship, repression, the continued rule of aristocracies and the exclusion of the working classes from suffrage ignited mounting political discontent. Der Zuschlag ging an einen „europäischen Sammler“, wie es beim Versteigerer Bonhams heißt – für £ 218 500, das entspricht fast € 250 000. His ideas have transformed the study of economics, history, geography, sociology and literature" (Wheen). 2 vols. But now we investigate the conditions under which these elements are found at hand, namely the social intertwining of the different capitals, of the component parts of capital and of revenue (= s)". ??????? Gesetzt aus Minion Pro, 11 pt. I with head of spine partially chipped, light rubbing to extremities, rubbing to spine of vol. The press-run of 3000 copies was soon exhausted, and the ensuing ban on the book, when the board of censorship realized their error, prohibited the planned second edition (which was subsequently brought out in New York). (Palm Beach, FL, USA), Beschreibung: Verlag von Otto Meissner 1883-1885, Hamburg, 1883. OCLC 750556887. That insight spurred Marx to embark on his critique of political economy, which became Das Kapital. II OF ONE OF THE MOST INFLUENTIAL BOOKS OF THE MODERN ERA. Because of the censorship and repression in Poland Kapita? Kasprowicz, Lipsk [Leipzig]:, 1886. Industrial revolutions, as Marx realized, relegate workers to the status of machine minders, and open the way to production that does not depend on human labour . - Although Marx's other works were banned in Russia, the Tsarist censors passed "Das Kapital" as harmless on account of its length and complexity, and the book - rather unexpectedly - became an immediate success with the Russian intelligentsia in search of a theoretical model for industrializing their economically backward country. Band 26.3. The argument is a critique of the classical economics of Adam Smith, David Ricardo, John Stuart Mill and Benjamin Franklin, drawing on the dialectical method that G. W. F. Hegel developed in Science of Logic and The Phenomenology of Spirit. Im Auftrag der Karl-Marx - Universität hrsg. "Marx himself modestly described Das Kapital as a continuation of his Zur Kritik de politischen Oekonomie, 1859. [17], In 2017, the historian Gareth Stedman Jones wrote in the Books and Arts section of the scientific journal Nature:[18] .mw-parser-output .templatequote{overflow:hidden;margin:1em 0;padding:0 40px}.mw-parser-output .templatequote .templatequotecite{line-height:1.5em;text-align:left;padding-left:1.6em;margin-top:0}. Die Seitenkonkordanz bezieht sich auf die erste Ausgabe (1961) des Bandes 6 der MEW, da in späteren Neuausgaben nicht der Erstdruck, sondern die von Engels redigierte Fassung als edierter Text geboten wird. It is not to be confused with, Please expand the article to include this information. Thus, it is possible for a. 2 vols. Jahrestag der Erstausgabe des Werkes "Das Kapital" von Karl Marx. Verlag: (As he noted in the preface to the 1872 French edition: 'There is no royal road to science, and only those who do not dread the fatiguing climb of its steep paths have a chance of gaining its luminous summits.') Jedoch führt der Standort dieser Tafel etwas in die Irre. Recent purple half morocco and marbled paper boards, new endpapers, retaining the original front free endpaper (see below). 1", die dem Text der Marx-Engels-Gesamtausgabe (MEGA) folgt. Das Manifest der Kommunistischen Partei, auch Das Kommunistische Manifest genannt, ist ein programmatischer Text aus dem Jahr 1848, in dem Karl Marx und Friedrich Engels große Teile der später als „Marxismus“ bezeichneten Weltanschauung entwickelten.. Das Manifest entstand um die Jahreswende 1847/48 im Auftrag des Bundes der Kommunisten, der darin seine Anschauungen … Kritik der politischen Ökonomie, eines der Hauptwerke von Karl Marx, ist eine Analyse und Kritik der kapitalistischen Gesellschaft mit weitreichenden Wirkungen in der Arbeiterbewegung und der Geschichte des 20. 93-94, contents faintly spotted and soiled. Covers feature colored design on paper and display moderate to pronounced rubbing. 8vo. The analyses were meant "to bring a science, by criticism, to the point where it can be dialectically represented" and so "reveal the law of motion of modern society"[citation needed] to describe how the capitalist mode of production was the precursor of the socialist mode of production. Zustand: Very Good. Bestandsnummer des Verkäufers 002863. | Verkäufer kontaktieren (London, Vereinigtes Königreich), Beschreibung: St Peterbsurg N. P. Polyakov, 1872. Andréas 55. Berlin 2014. Third Volume is First Edition. Contemporary half calf with gilt title to spine. Interior is mildly toned and is well preserved. 8vo. | Verkäufer kontaktieren nach der zweiten, von Friedrich Engels herausgegebenen Auflage, Hamburg 1893. He is considered one of the most influential figures in human history, having influenced countless intellectuals, labor parties, artists and political parties after him, who took his ideas and modified or adapted them. Verlag: The foreign editions of Capital. EA. Herausgegeben vom Institut für Marxismus-Leninismus beim ZK der SED, 43 Bände, Band 6, Berlin: Dietz-Verlag, 1959. Bestandsnummer des Verkäufers 6489. Overall in best condition of the 3. (Berlin, Deutschland), Beschreibung: Leipzig., 1968. 1. Beiträge zum 100. Die große Zahl der 1 Kg. 2 (Der Cirkulationsprocess des Kapitals), edited by Friedrich Engels. First edition of the second volume of Das Kapital, edited from Marx's manuscripts by Friedrich Engels. Hamburg, Otto Meissner, 1885-1890. St Petersburg: [Ministry of Communications (A. Benke); III, V. Demakov,] 1872 & 1885 & 1896 Contents generally clean with occasional spotting and dampmarks, some stab-holes visible at gutters, a few issues trimmed in the binding process, those printed on inferior paper stock fragile at the margins and with a few short tears and more toning than others, 1 full leaf (April 1868) and 1 half-leaf (January 1870) cut away and 4 other instances of excised portions clipped from the text by a previous owner; a rare survival. (London, Vereinigtes Königreich), Beschreibung: Hofenberg, United States, 2014. That insight spurred Marx to embark on his critique of political economy, which became Das Kapital. 5.75 x 8.75 inches. Slightly later half cloth with marbled covers. 20. Extremely rare. E. ?. alle Bände sehr ordentlich erhalten. Verlag: ** Volumes are generally sound, displaying obvious wear and tear, with well preserved interior and intact binding. Der Text folgt dem Erstdruck. Somewhat later full red cloth with giltstamped red spine label. Leipzig. Extremely rare. During the Armistice period his articles were published in "Kurtulus" Magazine. Original-Leinenband. Verlag: Modern marbled half calf with giltstamped title to spine. Stammhammer I, 145, 7. Throughout textblock, gutter is secure. Paperback. First edition in Russian, the first translation of Das Kapital into any language. ** Postage for oversized and international shipping will be calculated by size and weight. Leatherbound. "By the mid-nineteenth century across Europe, the scientific and technological shifts behind the Industrial Revolution were extracting a heavy social and political price. (1923), Von: This approach, which starts from simple category and gradually unfolds into complex categories, employed "internal" criticism that finds contradiction within and between categories while discovering aspects of reality that the categories cannot explain.

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