You may enrol in the programme as a full- or part-time student. IBM Muenchenstein 203m. We are happy to answer all of your questions about our programme: admissions, organisation, administration, structure and support. OdA Gesundheit Bern, Köniz, Switzerland. Want to improve your nursing skills and take on new roles? At our information event, you’ll get first-hand information about our master’s degree programme, specialisation options and career prospects. The programme begins in calendar week 38. Schild 197m. You will remain attuned to operational factors such as budget constraints and inadequate staffing. We’re happy to advise you in a personal consultation. OdA Gesundheit beider Basel. der Medizinischen Dienste Basel-Stadt geben dir Tipps! Spengler Park 197m. Du verwendest einen veralteten Browser, welcher nicht mehr zu 100% unterstützt wird. We will contact you to arrange a date for the aptitude test after reviewing your documents. We use cookies on our website so that we can optimise and continually improve it for you, and so that we can show you personalised offers on this and other websites. With a Master of Science in Nursing you are sure to gain interest from employers in various fields. Wir sind der kompetente Ansprechpartner bei psychischen Erkrankungen. In the specialization Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) you specialize in the care and support of adults with mental disorders in different care structures. Our master’s degree programme is an attractive option for achieving your professional goals. Within the transfer modules and freely selectable compulsory elective modules, you set the focus according to your professional and personal interests. Es kann zu Darstellungsproblemen kommen.Bitte aktualisiere deinen Browser. Applications should be submitted to the Financial Aid Office at the Department of Education. Last update was 786 days ago UPDATE NOW. HOME - OdA Soziales beider Basel HOME - OdA Soziales beider Basel Navigation überspringen HOME BERUFSBILDUNG Info Bildungssystematik Berufliche Grundbildung Praktikum Assistenz Gesundheit und Soziales Fachperson … Swiss Federal Institute of Sport Magglingen SFISM, School of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences HAFL, Administration master’s degree programme in nursing, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP), Abstractband 2020: Master-Thesen Pflege (Studiengang 2017), Abstractband 2019: Master-Thesen Pflege (Studiengang 2016), Abstractband 2018: Master-Thesen Pflege (Studiengang 2015), Abstractband 2017: Master-Thesen Pflege (Studiengang 2014), Abstractband 2016: Master-Thesen Pflege (Studiengang 2013), Abstractband 2015: Master-Thesen Pflege (Studiengang 2012), Abstractband 2014: Master-Thesen Pflege (Studiengang 2011), Abstractband 2013: Master-Thesen Pflege (Studiengang 2010), Institut für Pflegewissenschaften an der Universität Basel, Schweizerische Fachstelle für Alkohol- und andere Drogenprobleme, Schweizerischer Berufsverband der Pflegefachfrauen und Männer, Hausarztpraxis Oberwallis, Praxis Dr. Minnig, Kantonsspital Baselland, Standort Bruderholz, Kantonsspital Baselland, Standort Liestal, Praxis Südland, Dr. med. Costs may range between CHF 1,200 and CHF 1,500. The writing of a scientific research paper thus forms the conclusion of your MSc programme. View the profiles of professionals named "Franco Gianini" on LinkedIn. – Online via Microsoft Teams. Akgün. Wir empfehlen Ihnen dringend, die Rekrutenschule und den Ersteinsatz im Zivildienst vor Beginn des Studiums vollständig zu absolvieren. ODPAC A federally registered political action committee, ODPAC is dentistry’s voice in the political arena in Ohio, dedicated to protecting our dental profession from unnecessary government interference. The application deadline is 30 April 2021. These practical experiences allow you to apply and deepen your theoretical knowledge of specific topics such as Advanced Practice Nursing (APN), research, leadership or development. Depending on your specialisation, you will enrol in a variety of profession-specific modules: Our research modules cover such topics as research methodology, scientific philosophy and research ethics and processes. Buy your public transport ticket at or via our app now and take advantage of affordable supersaver tickets and saver day passes! Diese regelt Organisation, Durchführung, Aufsicht und Abgeltung der überbetrieblichen Kurse sowie die Qualitätsentwicklung in den Kursen der Assistent/innen Gesundheit und Soziales, AGS. The interactive map with directory results for OdA Gesundheit beider Basel, Münchenstein, Emil Frey-str. student, research, financial aid, etc.). Hilf anderen Stellensuchenden und sei der Erste, der diese Firma bewertet. OdA Gesundheit beider Basel. Our mobile video recording system allows you to record and immediately analyse these scenes. In our profession-specific modules, we primarily cover topics that are relevant to advanced nursing practice. We cannot accept any applications after the deadline. Spenglerpark 197m. - It has a global traffic rank of 2952597 in the world Diese Webseite benutzt Cookies, um den bestmöglichen Service zu bieten. Berufsfachschule Gesundheit Baselland 193m. We take an innovative approach to teaching communication skills. Werden sie während des Studiums absolviert, hat dies Absenzen zur Folge und kann zur Verlängerung der Studiendauer führen. Working closely with expert instructors, you will practice transferring these skills to similar real-life scenarios. OdA Gesundheit beider Basel Emil Frey-Strasse 100 4142 Münchenstein Tel. We do not require formal proof. trains you to update your practice with the latest scientific findings. The application will not be processed until payment has cleared. Master of Science; Nursing. We will evaluate whether you are a good fit for the programme based on your motivation, conceptual and professional skills, personal competence and capacity for reflection. The following foundations offer funding specifically to BFH students and students from other universities: Die Berner Fachhochschule BFH fördert die Vereinbarkeit von Studium, Berufstätigkeit und Betreuung von Angehörigen. You will train the skills required for your professional development in a protected learning space. Zeynep. Als Branchenverband für die Berufsbildung im Gesundheitswesen und dynamische Organisation mit Sitz in Münchenstein führen wir ein Bildungszentrum für überbetriebliche Kurse (ÜK) mit 1350 Lernenden und 100 nebenberuflichen ÜK-Berufsbildnerinnen und Berufsbildnern. We developed the modules in this group with an interprofessional focus. Angehende Studierende und Mitarbeitende ohne Intranet-Zugriff wenden sich bitte an Frau Corinne Badertscher (Tel. Grants and loans for Swiss students and overseas students are generally paid out by the canton where the students’ parents are tax residents. You must hold a recognised degree as a qualified nurse. This teaches you to approach difficult interactions professionally. You may also work in education or management. Weitere Informationen sind in unserer AGB und in der Datenschutzerklärung zu finden. The application and aptitude test fee of CHF 300 is itemised as follows: * To be paid within 10 days. Wir engagieren uns für die Berufsbildung und Nachwuchsförderung der Gesundheitsberufe. The product has been added to your basket. You will learn skills in clinical assessment and evaluation, multi-professional treatment planning and therapeutic interactions to promote mental health and risk prevention. Informiere dich, rede mit oder nutze konkrete Angebote in Basel-Stadt. The electronic foundation directory administered by the Federal Department of Home Affairs offers a comprehensive summary of these organisations and can be searched by keywords (e.g. There are also numerous private foundations and funds that offer financial support to students. Students who have been tax residents in the Canton of Bern for at least two years are able to apply for cantonal grants and loans. 621 were here. – Online via Microsoft Teams, 25.03.2021, 17:15-18:15 o'clock Maraj Melissa está en Facebook. ODA Services Corp. is an ODA membership benefit that provides members with access to reduced rates and assistance on products and services. 061 416 20 20 Willkommen in der vielfältigen Welt der Gesundheitsberufe! This varies by canton. Wir beraten insbesondere in Ausbildu...mehr. In our MSc programme in nursing, you will grow your specialist and methodological skill set. Oda Gesundheit beider Basel, Münchenstein. Further information (incl. Phone: ++41 61 271 35 01 Mail: We place critical emphasis on providing a solid scientific basis and hands-on learning experience in our programme. © Bern University of Applied Sciences 2020. Schaulager / Art Basel 2013 200m. Master of Advanced Studies in nursing) are also eligible for the BFH MSc programme. Submit your application to the master’s degree programme in nursing online. Gesundheit Basel, Basel, Switzerland. You will examine an issue relevant to the field, employing the appropriate methods, and independently author an expert-level scientific research paper. Financial aid is available through grants and loans. It also allows you to meet new challenges in your professional practice more quickly. Qualified nursing professionals with training equivalent to a bachelor’s degree (e.g. The following specialist courses at BFH provide most of the required background knowledge: Good language skills of English and German are required for the programme. 031 848 33 01, Universitäre Psychiatrische Kliniken UPK Basel, Basel. Fee for social, cultural and sport facilities CHF 24, Optional membership fee for the BFH student body association (VSBFH) CHF 15, Diploma registration fee with the Swiss Red Cross (SRK) CHF 136. Lehrbetrieb. You can immediately apply your new-found knowledge to your work (theory-practice transfer). OdA Gesundheit beider Basel in Münchenstein Address ☎ Phone on Student performance is measured and recognised according to the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). Ita Wegman Klinik AG is a medical practice company based out of 1Pfeffingerweg, Arlesheim, Basel-Landschaft, Switzerland. Vorname. enrolling in training courses to obtain missing qualifications). This amount will vary depending upon how much you acquire. Harun Cetinkaya is on Facebook. Our master’s degree programme is an attractive option for achieving your professional goals. Stock exchange: No information available. You will become qualified to operate as an Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) or work in research. You could theoretically chose any of our modules. Within the profession-specific modules you will deepen and broaden your nursing expertise and specialize. – BFH Health Professions, Schwarztorstrasse 48, 3007 Bern, 17.06.2021, 17:15-18:15 o'clock 9.9K likes. Description: Die OdA Gesundheit beider Basel ist Branchenverband und Kompetenzzentrum für die Berufsbildung im Gesundheitswesen. Public funds cover most of the cost of the programme. Language skills of English at level B2 are recommended for the programme and language skills of level C1 are recommended for applicants whose mother tongue is not German. Valais Zoug Zurich Manifestations Contact Bâle-Campagne OdA Gesundheit beider Basel Contact OdA Gesundheit beider Basel Emil Frey-Strasse 100 4142 Münchenstein T 061 416 20 20 F … Die Kurskommission für die Other sources of funding include the foundation directories for individual cantons and private foundations. This will prepare you for carrying out your own practice-oriented research projects. Sector: Education. Completing the programme within three semesters is quick but intensive. Die Preise sind einkommensabhängig und richten sich nach den kantonalen Tarifen gemäss der Verordnung über die Angebote der sozialen Integration (ASIV) des Kantons Bern. Schuleee -.-200m. Revenue last year: No information available. as an APN in an interprofessional healthcare centre). Application processing fee of CHF 100 (credit card) or CHF 110 (paper invoice*); the fee is required in each case. Are you looking to grow professionally?Our consecutive master’s programme in nursing is the next step to achieving your career goals, whether you are active in practice, research, management or teaching. We... 21.01.2021, 17:15-18:15 o'clock Two years of work experience are recommended for admission to the «Nurse Practitioner» and «Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner» specializations. In the structured discussion that follows, you will address various points covered in the article. | Offizielle LinkedIn-Seite der Staatskanzlei und der Verwaltung des Kantons Solothurn. You will be prepared to participate actively in the many complex, dynamic changes shaping healthcare and society today. You must have your own laptop with a reliable internet (WiFi) connection. With our master’s degree in nursing, you will make significant contributions to the field, apply your own expanded expertise to your nursing practice and help shape the development of the profession. In the inter-professionally oriented modules and the research modules you will learn inter-professional learning contents. You may gain the skills needed in these different areas of practice in the following specialisations: In the CNS specialisation, you will extend your skills as an APN providing in-patient care. OdA Pferdeberufe: Wir setzen auf das richtige Pferd: die Ausbildung! Interessierte Studierende und Mitarbeitende finden die Unterlagen auf dem BFH Intranet. If you do not hold a bachelor’s degree in nursing, we may apply certain stipulations to your admission (e.g. 1.2K likes. Wir engagieren uns für die Berufsbildung und Nachwuchsförderung der Gesundheitsberufe. Depending on your selection, you will specialise either in Advanced Practice Nursing (APN) or in medical research. Maraj Melissa este pe Facebook. If you choose to specialise in research, you will gain additional skills for your work in research hospitals or other health sciences research facilities. BZG 202m. We highly value the collaborations with other degree programmes in our Health Professions department. Die OdA GS Aargau ist der Branchenverband für Berufsbildung im Gesundheits- und Sozialbereich des Kantons Aargau You will become adept at applying evidence-based knowledge in practice, develop your skills in clinical assessment and generate recommendations for management and change processes. 566 likes. Central and well-connected – Our Health Professions department is 10 minutes’ walk from Bern central station, or 5 minutes on public transport. Înscrie-te pe Facebook pentru a lua legătura cu Maraj Melissa şi cu alţii pe care s-ar putea să îi cunoşti. You will be required to complete an aptitude test if you hold a bachelor’s degree in nursing from a Swiss university with an average final mark lower than 5.0, or if you do not hold a bachelor’s degree in nursing. You will encounter and reflect upon the challenges related to connecting theory and practice. You will also find it easier to finance your studies. BFH will help you acquire the hardware and software required for the programme. Loans are one-off or ongoing payments that must be paid back after you finish your course. www. Studierende müssen ihre Dienstpflicht auch während des Studiums wahrnehmen. The fee for the aptitude test is CHF 200. In our MSc programme in nursing, you will grow your specialist and methodological skill set. Your studies benefit throughout from your ongoing professional experiences. Company profile of OdA Gesundheit beider Basel, Emil Frey-Strasse 100 in 4142 Münchenstein Kanton Solothurn | 747 seguidores en LinkedIn. The MSc programme in Nursing has a modular structure and is conducted in cooperation with the other MSc programmes at the Department of Health Professions (Physiotherapy, Nutrition and Dietetics, Midwifery). This degree is recognised in Switzerland, compatible with other European systems and regarded internationally as a higher-level degree. Spitex: 8.3.2021 – 24.3.2021: CURAVIVA 8.3.2021 – 24.3.2021 100 Die BFH bietet Studierenden und Mitarbeitenden eine beschränkte Anzahl Kitaplätze an. Our MSc programme prepares you for the many demands in the broader field of nursing. You will practice effective communication strategies with professional actors simulating challenging situations from the field. is based on the financial guidelines provided by the master’s degree programme in nursing. Die Anmeldung für einen Kitaplatz erfolgt über das Webformular im BFH Intranet. There are 7 professionals named "Franco Gianini", who use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas, and opportunities. Visit one of our informational events. You will gain new experience in diagnostics and treatment and develop a more nuanced view of your professional role and place in the larger field of healthcare. We highly value mobility for our students and professors alike. They are relevant not only to nurses, but also to nutrition specialists, midwives and physiotherapists. Die OdA Gesundheit Bern ist das Dienstleistungszentrum für Bildungsfragen im Gesundheitswesen des Kantons Bern. enables you to assist in the further development of the healthcare system based on professional expertise. Review the scientific materials covered at the bachelor or equivalent degree level. Emil Frey-Strasse 100 4142 Münchenstein Display on the map Employee CH: 50. They are taught in common to all our MSc students: In the transfer modules 1 and 2, you will gain hands-on experience in research, clinical nursing or other areas of healthcare. With a holistic perspective, the clinical and practice-oriented modules focus on topics in psychopathology, psychopharmacology and psychotherapy. We only accept applications for the MSc programme in nursing via our online application form. The Skills Centre in our Health Professions department is a learning environment that resembles a professional practice. OdA Pferdeberufe Schweiz. If you fulfil the formal entry requirements, we will look forward to meeting you. The NP specialisation prepares you for work as an APN in outpatient care or as a visiting nurse (e.g. 803 Synes godt om. We recommend one of the following: In your master’s thesis, you will synthesise the knowledge you have gained in the research modules with current findings in your area of specialisation. If you complete the APN Nurse Practitioner specialisation, you will work with professional supervision in clinical practice in both transfer modules 1 and 2. Informationen zur Koordination von Studium und Dienstpflicht erhalten Sie von den Ansprechpersonen. Ita Wegman Klinik AG | 28 followers on LinkedIn. As a full-time student, you benefit from a more concentrated course of study. OdA Gesundheit beider Basel Bildungsinstitutionen im Gesundheitsbereich – u.a. Assistentin/Assistent Gesundheit und Soziales EBA, Klasse 2c Name. Oda Gesundheit beider Basel, Münchenstein. You will work on new or adapted models of care and contribute to developing and implementing appropriate strategies for action in nursing. Luzern 215m. The portion that students must pay (semester fees, etc.) As a graduate of our MSc programme in nursing, you will be equipped to analyse complex issues, develop solutions and innovative concepts and provide effective care incorporating the latest scientific findings. Sie vertritt die Akutspitäler, Spitex-Organisationen, stationären Langzeiteinrichtungen, psychiatrischen Kliniken und Rehabilitationskliniken und koordiniert die berufsbildungsspezifischen Anliegen von Arbeitgeberverbänden, Arbeitnehmerorganisationen und den kantonalen Behörden. AKP, PsyKP, KWS, IKP, DN II) with additional qualifications (i.e. gives you the tools to analyse highly complex problems, find innovative solutions, develop new concepts and research questions. Master of Advanced Studies diploma in nursing. 1 tusind Synes godt om. Physiology, Pathophysiology & Pharmacology, Psychopathology & Psychopharmacology PMHNP, Scientific philosophy for healthcare professions, Leadership, project and change management. Schaulager / Art Basel 2015 218m. College degree in nursing (e.g. You must also enrol in an optional module. Take the next step in your professional life with our consecutive master’s degree programme in nursing. financial aid calculator): The websites ausbildungsbeiträ, and European Funding Guide cover all the key information about grants in Switzerland and overseas. We maintain partnerships with various foreign institutions, which simplify the organisation of a stay abroad. Further links. Financial aid. Join Facebook to connect with Harun Cetinkaya and others you may know. In preparation for the interview, you will have 30 minutes to read a scientific paper in English. Berufsfachschule Gesundheit BL 195m. Tip: keep all required documents ((Link zu noch zu erstellendem PDF– Checkliste)) on hand in electronic format. Grants are one-off or ongoing payments that don’t usually have to be paid back provided you complete your course. Apply for our master’s degree programme in nursing online. You can find more information on cookies in our Data Protection Declaration. Als Branchenverband für die Berufsbildung im Gesundheitswesen und dynamische Organisation mit Sitz in Münchenstein führen wir ein Bildungszentrum für überbetriebliche Kurse (ÜK) mit 1350 Lernenden und 100 nebenberuflichen ÜK-Berufsbildnerinnen und Berufsbildnern. With your comprehensive expertise you will be perfectly positioned to meet these challenges. Planen und koordinieren Sie Studium und Dienstpflicht frühzeitig. Akkaya. Es gibt keinen gesetzlichen Anspruch auf einen Kitaplatz. esense Gmbh, Burgweg 7, CH-4058 Basel. Shaulager Basel 223m. These are always shown first, if available. Our consecutive master’s programme in nursing is aimed at holders of a BSc in nursing. You will hone your specialist skills in areas such as clinical assessment and your knowledge of pathophysiology and pharmacology. Erfassung 2021 (Deklarationsjahr 2020) VNS: 1.2.2021 – 18.2.2021. Part-time studies require approximately six semesters to complete. 570 Me gusta. We place critical emphasis on providing a solid scientific grounding and hands-on learning experience in our programme. – Online via Microsoft Teams, 24.02.2021, 17:15-18:15 o'clock The interview is conducted in German and lasts 40 to 60 minutes. Hasibe. Your application will be individually reviewed for equivalence. Kontakt. beratung des Kantons Basel-Landschaft und der OdA Gesundheit beider Basel. Únete a Facebook para conectar con Maraj Melissa y otras personas que tal vez conozcas. The module group Master’s Thesis combines your own practice-relevant questions with application-oriented research methods. The demand for highly qualified nurses with an academic background is already high – and growing. Keywords: Startseite, Branchenverband, OdA, Aktuell, OdA Gesundheit beider Basel, Kontakt, OdAOrg. You will incorporate every phase of the research process, and substantiate, evaluate and reflect upon your findings. Offizielle LinkedIn-Seite der Staatskanzlei und der Verwaltung des Kantons Solothurn. Oda Gesundheit beider Basel 193m. References Websites OdA Gesundheit. With our master’s degree in nursing, you will make significant contributions to the field, apply your own expanded expertise to your nursing practice and help shape the development of … You will critically examine the steps of the research process, learn to apply various methodologies and develop your skills in communication, leadership and project and change management. Fees at BFH are calculated as follows: Please be prepared for additional costs over the course of your studies for specialist literature, software and other supplies. Ursula Klopfstein, Regionalspital Emmental AG, Spital Burgdorf, Regionalspital Emmental AG, Spital Langnau, Schlössli Biel-Bienne AG, Zentrum für Langzeitpflege, Solothurner Spitäler AG, Bürgerspital Solothurn, Solothurner Spitäler AG, Kantonsspital Olten, tilia Stiftung für Langzeitpflege, tilia Köniz, Universitäre Psychiatrische Dienste Bern UPD, Universitäre Psychiatrische Kliniken Basel, Deutsche Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung, medTalents - Gesundheitsberufe auf einen Blick, OdASanté - Nationale Dachorganisation der Arbeitswelt Gesundheit, RADIX - Schweizer Kompetenzzentrum für Gesundheitsförderung und Prävention, Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Gesundheitspolitik SGGP, EDK - Schweizerische Konferenz der kantonalen Erziehungsdirektoren, GDK - Schweizerische Konferenz der kantonalen Gesundheitsdirektoren, Schweizerisches Gesundheitsobservatorium (Obsan), Stiftung für Gesundheitsfragen und Suchtfragen Bern, Verband Schweizerischer Assistenz- und Oberärztinnen und -ärzte, Specialist course «Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten – Reflektierte Praxis», Specialist course «Statistik leicht gemacht», Department of Education of the Canton of Bern, Addresses for cantonal grant-awarding bodies, foundation directories for individual cantons, Bern University of Applied Sciences Burgdorf Foundation, The Swiss Business Foundation for the Promotion of Further Training in Wood Technology, Verordnung über die Angebote der sozialen Integration (ASIV), Information zum Rekrutierungsprozess (VBS), Kanton Bern, Polizei- und Militärdirektion, Checkliste für die Anmeldung zum Master-Studium Pflege. Verliere diese Firma nicht aus den Augen und setze sie auf deine Merkliste. Upon graduating, you will obtain the title ‘Master of Science in Nursing’. holders of qualifications awarded in the 1990s by professional colleges that later became universities of applied sciences may contact the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) to obtain a UAS title on the basis of their previously awarded qualifications).