Under normal operation, the assist cam functions as a self-servo mechanism, pulling the clutch hub and operating plate together to compress the clutch plates. Vanaf € 1.099,- Performance Edition Kit. **Curb weight includes all necessary materials and fluids to operate correctly, full tank of fuel (more than 90 percent capacity) and tool kit (if supplied). Kawasaki has unveiled the 2020 version of its middleweight supersport motorcycle, the Ninja ZX-6R for international markets. Your Privacy Rights      CA Privacy Rights. Destination Charge $410. privacy policy and terms and conditions of use. If your brochure didn't download, please click the following link: Based on feedback from racing activities, the Assist & Slipper Clutch uses two types of cams (an assist cam and a slipper cam) to either drive the clutch hub and operating plate together or apart. Specifications. Sorry, cannot submit. Hp motoren uw bovagdealer: hp motoren bramenberg 23 a 3755 bw eemnes tel. 636 cm³ Cassette transmission makes it easy to change gear ratios quickly, reducing necessary set-up time for trackdays. Guarantee of three-layer clear coat covered. Face Yourself. 2021 Ninja ZX-6R (636) KRT Edition. Having no images, distributors, or customers, the company basically started on a dream and desire. Metallic Spark Black/Metallic Flat Spark Black available in non-ABS only. All set to conquer any trails ahead, the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R is a great blend of superior performance and attractive design that makes riders confident in every turn at P672,000 sticker price. Kawasaki was first established in 1966. More on YouTube's privacy policy here and here Kawasaki added a new color scheme, Candy Steel Furnace, in the 2020 model. Videos on Kawasaki.eu website Find out latest Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R 2020 Standard price at Oto. Deze originele Kawasaki accessoires zijn speciaal ontwikkeld voor de Ninja ZX-6R Performance, zodat u gegarandeerd bent van een optimale pasvorm en de hoogste kwaliteit. And because of the finer control, kickback to the brake lever is minimal, resulting in a very natural feeling. Supercharged Racing. to the maintenance schedule in your Owner’s Manual. In addition to Full Power mode, one (Low) or two (Middle, Low) alternate mode(s) in which maximum power is limited and throttle response is milder are provided. Through precise control, hydraulic pressure is modulated in much smaller increments than with standard ABS systems. And because Kawasaki’s sophisticated software bases its dynamic analysis on the chassis’ orientation relative to the track surface (rather than relative to a horizontal plane), it is able to take into account corner camber, gradient, etc., and adapt accordingly. Bahkan bisa dilihat juga review oleh yang sudah punya Ninja ZX-6R 2021 terbaru. Pre-drilled & ready for installation. To watch this video accept the marketing cookies. ABS offers rider reassurance that contributes to greater riding enjoyment. Metallic Spark Black / Metallic Flat Spark Black. Never ride under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 2020 NINJA ® ZX ™ -6R ABS. Designed with sport riding in mind, they facilitate acceleration out of corners by maximizing forward drive from the rear wheel. Kawasaki developed KIBS to take into account the particular handling characteristics of supersport motorcycles, ensuring highly efficient braking with minimal intrusion during sport riding. Maak de Ninja ZX-6R 636 nog sportiever met het Performance Pakket. Door op "ACCEPTEER" te klikken, geef je ons toestemming deze cookies te gebruiken. Wij gebruiken cookies op onze website om je de beste beleving te geven. Inclusief BTW, exclusief … With the air passing through the throttle bodies becoming smoother, combustion efficiency is improved and power is increased. When fuel consumption is low for a given speed (i.e. ©2020 Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A. OVERVIEW. This allows the total clutch spring load to be reduced, resulting in a lighter clutch lever feel when operating the clutch. Kawasaki ZX-6R Parts and Accessories from Graves Motorsports for the 2020 model are listed below . If you are currently subscribed, check your email for a secure link. Compare models, find your local dealer & get a quote. KTRC, Kawasaki's advanced traction control system provides both enhanced sport riding performance and the peace of mind to negotiate slippery surfaces with confidence. Checkout December promo & loan simulation in your city and compare the Ninja ZX-6R 2020 with R6, Ninja ZX-14R and other Rivals only at OTO. Voor meer informatie zie onze "cookies en privacy condities". Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R Overview. Wanneer je dit weigert, is het mogelijk dat sommige delen van de website niet goed weergegeven worden of functioneren. Suggested price for Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R 2021: $ 9000. When excessive engine braking occurs – as a result of quick downshifts (or an accidental downshift) – the slipper cam comes into play, forcing the clutch hub and operating plate apart. Aanbevolen verkoopprijs, inclusief BTW en BPM. Designed to help riders maximize their acceleration on the track by enabling clutchless upshifts with the throttle fully open, KQS detects that the shift lever has been actuated and sends a signal to the ECU to cut ignition so that the next gear can be engaged without having to use the clutch. Kies je een editie met een set originele accessoires of begin je met een leeg canvas en voeg je je eigen selectie originele accessoires toe? In ZX6R the instrument counsel shows clearly every option like a.fuel gauge, gear indicator, and tachometer. Official info for the 2020 NINJA ZX-6R ABS NINJA ZX-6R - Get the latest specs, offers, & photos. Wij kopen graag u motor in voor een goede prijs !!! A shorter final gear 1 ratio (43/16 >> 43/15) further emphasises the engine’s strong low-end. We introduced an enhanced privacy mode to prevent YouTube to set cookies on visitors' devices without consent if a page is embedding a video located on YouTube. This diverse information is analyzed to determine the ideal front brake hydraulic pressure. Price. NON-ABS: $9,999 / MSRP ABS: $10,999. Adhere Discussions. However, fuel consumption is greatly affected by throttle use, gear selection, and other elements under the rider's control. Receive the latest news, special offers and exclusives. Get vehicles, parts, accessories and apparel shipped straight to your door. I ACCEPT. ... About Kawasaki; Questions & Contact; Franchise Opportunities; Search Search. Kawasaki was first established in 1966. In this episode of MC Commute, we swing a leg over the well-balanced and civilized middleweight supersport, the 2020 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R. The system continuously monitors fuel consumption, regardless of vehicle speed, engine speed, throttle position and other riding conditions. Vanaf € 12.999,- KRT-edition. By riding so that the "ECO" mark remains on, fuel consumption can be reduced.While effective vehicle speed and engine speed may vary by model, paying attention to conditions that cause the "ECO" mark to appear can help riders improve their fuel efficiency – a handy way to increase cruising range. speed, condition, and certification. The ex-showroom price of Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R is INR 12 lakh. In the more intrusive modes (and for some models, in any mode), when excessive wheel spin is detected, engine output is reduced to allow grip to be regained, effectively enabling riders to negotiate both short, slippery patches (train tracks or manhole covers) and extended stretches of bad roads (wet pavement, cobblestone, gravel) with confidence. All premium features available, design and aerodynamics were insane in this bike. Ninja ZX-6R 636 Performance Pakket. Less intrusive modes maintain optimum traction during cornering. Specifications and pricing are subject to change. 2020 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R Motorcycles For Sale: 88 Motorcycles - Find 2020 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R Motorcycles on Cycle Trader. Vanaf € 12.799,- Black. Having no images, distributors, or customers, the company basically started on a dream and desire. Further, keeping fuel consumption low also helps minimize negative impact on the environment. Well suited to the Ninja ZX-6R’s street focus, this change promises even more fun on … Latest Ninja ZX-6R 2020 available in 1 variant(s). Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R Motorcycles For Sale: 364 Motorcycles - Find Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R Motorcycles on Cycle Trader. The 2020 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R and all other motorcycles made 1894-2021. It is the first mass-production brake system to link the ABS ECU (Electronic Control Unit) and engine ECU.In addition to front and rear wheel speed, KIBS monitors front brake caliper hydraulic pressure, throttle position, engine speed, clutch actuation and gear position. Read Ninja ZX-6R 2020 reviews by experts, explore December promo & loan simulation and compare specifications, mileage, performance, safety features with other variants for best bike selection! This race-style function is particularly useful when sport or track riding. Models equipped with multiple Power Modes offer riders an easily selectable choice of engine power delivery to suit riding conditions or preference. The value of the new Ninja ZX-6R lives up to this super Kawasaki machine and is the same as the model sold in 2013. COMPARE LOCATE A DEALER. Mocht je dat willen, kun je op elk moment je cookie instellingen aanpassen. Maximum vermogen. | The Kawasaki ZX6R is powered by 636 cc, liquid-cooled, inline 4 cylinder DOHC engine exhibits maximum.power of 130 PS at 13,500 rpm and 70.8 Nm peak torque at 11,000 rpm. A wide variety of 2020 kawasaki zx6r options are available to you, such as max. Kawasaki added a new color scheme, Candy Steel Furnace, in the 2020 model. The Economical Riding Indicator is a function that indicates when current riding conditions are consuming a low amount of fuel. Candy Steel Furnace Orange/Metallic Flat Spark Black, Metallic Spark Black/Metallic Flat Spark Black. ... 2020 JET SKI ULTRA 310X. Late-model sport bikes often use large-bore throttle bodies to generate high levels of power. Kawasaki ABS systems use front and rear wheel sensors to constantly monitor wheel speed. The system limits rear wheel lift under heavy braking and takes downshifting into account while braking, allowing the rider to manage the rear brake. SPECS GALLERY. eye protection and proper apparel. 2020 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R Abs Motorcycles For Sale: 66 Motorcycles - Find 2020 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R Abs Motorcycles on Cycle Trader. Using high-precision electronic control for engine management, Kawasaki models can achieve a high level of fuel efficiency. Models equipped with IMU incorporate chassis-orientation feedback to offer even more precise management. Kawasaki gevraagd zxr vulcan zx6r zx10r zx9r zx7r zx12r vn. MSRP. 4-stroke, 4-cylinder, DOHC, 16-valve, liquid-cooled, DFI® with 38mm Keihin throttle bodies (4) and oval sub-throttles, Kawasaki Traction Control (KTRC), Power Mode, Kawasaki Intelligent anti-lock Brake System (KIBS), Kawasaki Quick Shifter (KQS) (upshift only), 41mm inverted Showa SFF-BP fork with top-out springs, stepless compression and rebound damping, adjustable spring preload/4.7 in, Bottom-link Uni-Trak® with gas-charged shock, stepless compression damping adjustment, 25-way adjustable rebound damping, fully adjustable spring preload/5.9 in, Dual 310mm petal discs with dual radial-mounted Nissin 4-piston monobloc calipers and KIBS ABS, Single 220mm petal discs with single-piston caliper and KIBS ABS, Candy Steel Furnace Orange/Metallic Flat Spark Black, Metallic Spark Black/Metallic Flat Spark Black. 2021 JET SKI ULTRA 310R. Everyday Supersport. All 2019-2020 Kawasaki ZX6R fairings kits meet (even exceed) the standards of the original manufacturer.. Made by high-quality ABS plastic: injection molded. Supercharged 3-Seater. Guarantee of triple-layers-base painting. De legendarische Ninja ZX-6R brengt ook in 2020 de Supersport klasse naar het volgende niveau met de modernste technologieën en ongekende bruikbaarheid op straat. Checkout Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R 2020 Price, specifications, features, colors, mileage, Images, expert review, Videos and user reviews by bike owners. Always wear a helmet, 2021 Ninja ZX-10R. *I verify that I am 13 years or over, a United States resident, and agree to Kawasaki's. Dealer sets the actual destination charge, your price may vary. Should information from either of the sensors indicate that wheel lock has occurred, the ABS ECU directs the pump in the ABS unit to modulate brake fluid pressure (releasing and reapplying pressure so that traction can be regained) until normal operation resumes. Metallic Spark Black/Metallic Flat Spark Black available in non-ABS only. Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R would be launching in India around February 2021 with the estimated price of Rs 11.00 Lakh. The new Ninja ZX-6R is light, powerful, sophisticated in design and perfect for dominating the tracks. Kawasaki Motorcycles. KAWASAKI CARES: Read Owner's Manual and all on-product warnings. Lihat promo dan simulasi kredit di bulan Desember di kota Anda. Home / Product Model / NINJA ZX6R Maak de Ninja ZX-6R 636 nog sportiever met het Performance Pakket.HetNinja ZX-6R 636 Performance Pakket bestaat uit; een buddyseatcover, kneepads, tankpad,en een lichtgewicht carbonAkrapovic uitlaatdemper. Dual throttle valve technology was designed to tame engine response while contributing to performance.On models with dual throttle valves, there are two throttle valves per cylinder: in addition to the main valves, which are physically linked to the throttle grip and controlled by the rider, a second set of valves, opened and closed by the ECU, precisely regulates intake airflow to ensure a natural, linear response. Bandingkan juga Ninja ZX-6R 2021 dengan rivalnya seperti R6, Ninja 650 dan lainnya. Pictures. Kawasaki was first ... 2020 Kawasaki Ninja® ZX -6R, Advertised pricing excludes applicable taxes title and licensing, dealer set … 035- Check out Ninja ZX-6R 2020 seat height, fuel tank capacity, weight, engine specs, tire & shock size, fuel efficiency, etc. This relieves pressure on the clutch plates to reduce back-torque and helps prevent the rear tire from hopping and skidding. Aanbevolen verkoopprijs, inclusief BTW en BPM. Purchase 2020 Kawasaki ZX6R Parts and Accessories from SportbikeTrackGear.com Get the lowest price, free shipping deal, easy exchanges and no restocking fees - Guaranteed! Kawasaki Motorcycles. Alibaba.com offers 1,585 2020 kawasaki zx6r products. On models that offer clutchless downshifts, during deceleration the system automatically controls engine speed so that the next lower gear can be selected without operating the clutch. fuel efficiency is high), an "ECO" mark appears on the instrument panel's LCD screen. In Ninja ZX6R 2020, only a few minor changes and improvements were done when compared to ZX6R preceding model. For 2020 Kawasaki ZX-6R Graves Racing Services Turn Key Race Bikes and Build List >> Click Here << KIBS (Kawasaki Intelligent anti-lock Brake System). Enter your email address so that we can find your existing information. When equipped, California evaporative emissions equipment adds approximately 2.2 lb. Kawasaki Motorcycles. However, with large diameter throttles, when a rider suddenly opens the throttle, the unrestricted torque response can be strong. Multiple rider-selectable modes (the number of modes varies by model) offer progressively greater levels of intrusion to suit the riding situation and rider preference. Lihat harga Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R 2021, spesifikasi, fitur, warna, konsumsi BBM, review redaksi oto. © 2020 Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A. Cilinderinhoud (cm3), 96,4 kW {131 PK} / 13.500 tpm Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R 2020 Full specification and features in Philippines. 2021 Ninja ZX-10RR. Invalid fields exist in below form.