Fische sind Freunde,kein FutterXDD. Elmar FinkeTel. Ideal for a bad weather day or an excursion with children. This of course, riddled with various skeletons (small and large ones, shrunk or enlarged ones), various sculpted wildlife (detailed fly, the size of the small dog), various artifacts, various sculpted specimen of presented wildlife, and so on and so forth. 0211 - 8996153, Veranstaltungen/MarketingPhilipp SchroederTel. Aquazoo is the most predominant part of this whole institution but the story it tells is so much bigger and greater that it would be very difficult to put it in simple words. Nice to be seen. So, this is actually a complaint to the reception counter personnel - rather rude ladies. Be prepared for that and do not let it stop you from visiting this astonishing place. Same goes for the entire area of "Nordpark". Zoo Search; List of Zoos. We expected to see the aquarium, but ended up seeing so much more. Düsseldorf ligger ved den største flod i Europa - Rhinen. The number of exhibits while keep you occupied for a very long time. 306 reviews #2 of 2 Zoos & Aquariums in Düsseldorf "also you could see some land animals like different types of snakes, lizards, insects, ... this place is very good for children and there are many facilities to teach sea life to the children as best as possible." A family friendly place displaying an excellent selection of aquatic fauna as well as very insect collection. 0211 - 8996150 Fax 0211 - 8994493. Just to point out - the various aquariums, big and small ones, are present on every step of the way and are actually the essential part of the story the exhibition and the whole institution tells. With a 48-hour hop-on hop-off sightseeing bus ticket, you can create your own itinerary and see all of the city's most important attractions and skip any you are not interested in. Such a variety of plants and flowers, such wonderful is almost as enjoyable to describe as it was to walk through it. The Penguins were a bit shy, but all the other species were quite happy to interact with (or completely ignore) the eye of the visitor. Your pass also includes a ticket for for a river boat cruise. Watch Queue Queue What restaurants are near Aquazoo Loebbecke Museum? In short - rude ladies at the reception (Mrs. B****p). Finally - do come. Check out. 5) Staff members - Well, on the day we went, we were considering buying tickets online. Adresse Tel. However, someone really put some thought into the whole concept, because the visitor is not bombarded with the info, but can rather walk through the place enjoying the views or search for the information regarding the subject of his or hers interest. Aktuelles. Dusseldorf. Hotel Am Zault Gerresheimer Landstraße 40 40627 Düsseldorf Telefon +49 211 20940 eMail duesseldorf(at) Hotel information. Other animals must not be brought into the exhibition. Throughout every section there are various items for children whether those are simplified microscopes to find microorganisms, video displays with thematic cartoons or numerous other items and sections to interact. Located amongst a plethora of beautiful parks in the museum district of Dusseldorf is the AquaZoo. Answer 1 of 4: I read some possitive comments about the aquazoo, but not everybody is that possitive. We also got lucky because all of the parking meters were out of order so the parking was free (at least on that day). 0211 - 8996168, E-Mail Adresse COPYRIGHT 2017 . 1) The parking - The parking area is between medium and vast. : Tickets & Tours‎, Aquazoo Loebbecke Museum Tours and Tickets, See all 1 Aquazoo Loebbecke Museum tours on Tripadvisor, View all hotels near Aquazoo Loebbecke Museum on Tripadvisor, View all restaurants near Aquazoo Loebbecke Museum on Tripadvisor. Trade Fair Düsseldorf; shopping & fashion; culture & lifestyle [a]dress event location; Meeting room; close. The Innside by Meliá Düsseldorf Derendorf offers designer studios in one of Düsseldorf’s trendiest commercial and residential areas. 380 40474 Düsseldorf. And yes, as the user "ajc992018" wrote - you can completely ignore the negative reviews. Barrierefreie Einrichtungen . In simple terms, if I bought the ticket for your exhibition, I'll walk between entrance and exit as much as like and, as long as I am not touching any of your exhibits (let alone urinating on them), you better stay away from me if you do not want to risk serious frontal lobe injury. Since there is no zoo in Düsseldorf you can visit the Aquazoo museum . Luk. I wholeheartedly recommend coming here. Zooinstitutes . Marvellous water fountains, immaculate lawns, beautiful tree alleys.... a real balm for the soul and mind. Skip the rigid schedules of most guided tours and explore Düsseldorf at your own pace. Biology, geology, physics, name it. My partner says it was very clean. Is it worth going to? Skip the rigid schedules of most guided tours and explore Düsseldorf at your own pace. Check in . 3 der Hauptsatzung. Thanks. What hotels are near Aquazoo Loebbecke Museum? Aquazoo. However this parking space is not only for the Aquazoo, but for the vast park area as well (Nordpark). Explore the large spa area with its tropical rain showers, Finnish sauna, aromatic steam room and state-of-the-art fitness equipment. Schloss, Neckarhausen Weihnachtliche Fütterung der Zwergmangusten. In the very end - I would say that this whole place is one heck of a zoology lesson for all ages. This video is unavailable. I sincerely do. Cool-Tour: Aquazoo, Löbbecke Museum, Neanderthal Museum, Wildpark Grafenberger Wald, Neuer Zollhof, Rheinuferpromenade ; Party: Nachtresidenz, SUB, Ruda's Studio, SiLQ, Schickimicki, AMBIS, The Tube; Contact. Aquazoo Löbbecke-Museum Düsseldorf in Düsseldorf wurde aktualisiert am 09.10.2020. Recommend . Unsatisfied? You will find the Story from the development in the water, the spread in the sea, the conquest of fresh Waters to the Settlement of all Habitats on land in a various tour in the Aquazoo. Unfortunately, no takeouts are served. Download this stock image: Aquazoo in Duesseldorf. Galerie der Alten Meister, Dresden. m, around 475 species of animals are exhibited. You are in Please select the language you prefer: Deutsch . Eintragsdaten vom 26.07.2020. 380, 40474 Dusseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia Germany. Am 23. Since there is no zoo in Düsseldorf you can visit the Aquazoo museum. Note that the exhibits are only. It is well worth it. Ein Besuch im AquaZoo Düsseldorf mit Anna Lena und meinen Neffen Jasper. The place itself is not an interactive place, but holds few peaces to interact with. There is a very nice restaurant right outside (belonging to the museum) which is also used for special events (it has a very nice garden). Phone 0049 211 17 202 854 Fax 0049 211 17 202 3222. The museum layout is fully accessible. :) Although the whole place is suitable for the children (and they WILL NOT be bored, believe me), I would say that it is rather adult oriented. Check availability. Aquazoo best attractions to visit in dusseldorf deu are aquazoo dusseldorf attractions, many other touristic places, Tourist Tube For example, we were there on Thursday and there were perhaps 35 +/- automobiles on the parking lot. Jochen ReiterTel. 0211 - 8996198 Sekretariat Sandra Höller With a 48-hour hop-on hop-off sightseeing bus ticket, you can create your own itinerary and see all of the city's most important attractions and skip any you are not interested in. I am not sure I myself would tolerate this and was, unfortunately, late to understand what was going on (otherwise, I would probably object). It was opened in 1987. But let's. The prices were very reasonable ranging from 7… In addition, there are other natural history exhibits from the museum. more. Price per adult 10€ for family 18€ and other Hotline for hotel booking Phone 0049 211 17 202 854 Fax 0049 211 17 202 3220 Guided tours etc. DirektorinSandra HonigsTel. File name: #Eröffnung_Aquazoo (1).jpg ; Owner: Gallery Administrator ; Popular tags. Scientifically, this place is amazing. The aquariums and terrariums are designed in such a … In the interview, Sandra Honigs explains how it, probably, happened. 40474 Düsseldorf aquazoo @ The next section is perhaps about coral fish wildlife. 0211 - 8996162, TerraristikSandra HonigsTel. Share this post. It might be a good idea to consider public transportation because, for example in Cologne, the parking costs "a kidney and the eye" and since the parking meter system here was down, I have no idea how much the parking on this place costs. You can see lots of different water animals , rain forest , desert life pretty interesting . For example, one of the visitors decided to return from halfway of the exhibition to the beginning and was harshly reprimanded by staff member. E-Mail Silvia Löffler Tel. A nice place to go around very nice made geological and live fish. File name: #Eröffnung_Aquazoo (14).jpg ; Owner: Gallery Administrator ; Popular tags. P.S. Contact information, logo, map of Aquazoo Dusseldorf. The aquariums themselves are the astonishing works of marvel and would be sufficient to occupy the mind of any child of any age (as well as an adult). The one after that, again, is about deep sea organisms and fishes (here, the children, as well as adults, can enjoy a view from the simulated submarine)...the one after that is about insects...spiders and bugs of various kinds (with live specimens of course).....the one after that is with reptiles...crocodiles, snakes and lizards (live specimens as well).... then you get to gerbils, guinea pigs and various furry "fluffies"...than you move on to the real tropical garden which gives you somewhat short but unique (and uniquely tropical) insight into the life of the tropical lizards.....right to the very end section with various minerals, meteorites and compound specimens. Feedback. The evolution of biological diversity is the main focus of the exhibition with 25 themed rooms: following the development of the first water borne organisms, their spread throughout the sea, their colonisation of freshwater habitats, to their settlement in varying terrestrial habitats. But since your counter is positioned in such a way that you look at nothing else all day, but that bleeding parking space, and since you walk through it everyday to get to your working place, and when the guests that directly pay your salary park on that exact parking lot - then you better get you manners and answers straight. Diese Anbieter aus der Umgebung bieten auch Dienste in Düsseldorf an. When I said that we are here for the first time and asked if there is an issue with the parking (because none of the meters work), I got a very sour and dismissive reply that the parking does not belong to the Aquazoo (and thus any possible problems are not under their jurisdiction). See the animals at Aquazoo Dusseldorf in Dusseldorf, Germany on and other zoos in Germany. The Office of Economic Development is the central point of contact for international companies. Animal pictures, Exhibits, Signage from Aquazoo … Aquazoo Löbbecke Museum Kaiserswerther Str. start from the beginning. We recommend booking Aquazoo Loebbecke Museum tours ahead of time to secure your spot.